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Blog Update

13 Feb 2019

There is still a lot of cool Jekyll stuff I’ve yet to write about and I will, but January/February lines up with the end of the Winter semester here at good ol’ Mt. SAC and with my journey in applying for new positions related to my field. The good news is that my job search might be over, as I’m going over some preliminary details with a new employer for a Technical Support position supporting a fairly popular software product that is currently on the market and receiving lucrative investments. It’s a great opportunity that I’m crossing my fingers for, but the Jekyll writing has been on the backburner for now.

On top of that Jekyll is based on Ruby, which is awesome, but with recent developments in Gatsby and React a lot of my free time has gone towards learning vanilla javascript to get ready for the sleu of React/Gatsby books I’ve been able to acquire. It’s a very interesting area of development and would be more valuable as a front-end guy than taking time out to learn Ruby to get more familiar with Jekyll. The stuff I’ve been seeing made with Gatsby and React has still not stopped surprising me, so the amount of Jekyll content going forward might be limited to the setup of this site itself.

Anywho, that’s what’s been going on around here. I’ve been updating the bundle and making small cosmetic SCSS changes here and there, but as I build more a projects page will eventually have to go up soon. If you’re still reading I appreciate your time.